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 Game: First Four Picks #1

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Game: First Four Picks #1 Empty
PostSubject: Game: First Four Picks #1   Game: First Four Picks #1 EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 3:27 pm

To spark interest in the cube and to help players learn not only the "cards" but how to draft well, this is a cool game to play.

here's the rules:

***may want to have open while playing.***

I’ll list you an auto-generated random pack from my cube, and you tell me your first four picks and feel free to debate others’ choices in the comments.

This is assuming this is Pack 1, Pick 1. Imagine picking a card (Pick #1) and then imagine seeing this pack without that card (pick #2). Then imagine the pack without either of those cards (Pick #3), etc. Let’s give it a shot:

1. Balance
2. Sundering Titan
3. Elephant Guide
4. Hammer of Bogardan
5. Slaughter
6. Arc-slogger
7. Sacred Foundry
8. Isamaru, Hound of Konda
9. Keldon Champion
10. Scrubland
11. Persecute
12. Sunken Ruins
13. Savannah
14. Temple Garden
15. Skirk Marauder

My first 4 picks: I'd probably attempt to draft b/w discard agro if this was my #1 pack
1. Slaughter (totally broken in limited, worse so if you have jitte)
2. Persecute
3. Balance
4. Isamaru
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Game: First Four Picks #1 Empty
PostSubject: My picks...   Game: First Four Picks #1 EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 3:45 pm

Pack one pick one, I cartwheel slam Balance on the table. Having the capacity to draft your deck with that in mind... knowing you're planning on blowing them out with it... Dudes, lands, life, cards... just too powerful.

Pick 2 goes to big tits himself, the 7/10 split. Again, getting him early will allow you to focus on either mana accelerants or ways to cheat him in. You know there are plenty of duals, (3 in this pack alone) so you can have a warm fuzzy knowing you may only blow up 1 of your lands.

Pick 3 is Slaughter. Reusable creature removal for 4 life and some mana is good. Countering this spell, or sacrificing the guy in response loses you the life and the spell. Not a fan of that.

Pick 4 would be the Arc Slogger. He's a 4/5 body... which normally needs to be dealt with... and his In Case Of Emergency button is decent... not great in draft, but decent. Hammer would be close, but it's such a commitment to red, that you have to had already picked some up prior... as in your first 3 picks.

Skirk Marauder get's an honorable mention here only because I remember drafting him for real... and always loving it when I knew I had removal on the board tucked away. Very Happy
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Game: First Four Picks #1
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