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 First Four Pics #2

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PostSubject: First Four Pics #2   Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:48 pm

To spark interest in the cube and to help players learn not only the "cards" but how to draft well, this is a cool game to play.

here's the rules:

***may want to have open while playing.***

I’ll list you an auto-generated random pack from my cube, and you tell me your first four picks and feel free to debate others’ choices in the comments.

This is assuming this is Pack 1, Pick 1. Imagine picking a card (Pick #1) and then imagine seeing this pack without that card (pick #2). Then imagine the pack without either of those cards (Pick #3), etc. Let’s give it a shot:

1. Revoke Existence
2. Drowned Catacombs
3. Calcite Snapper
4. Siege-Gang Commander
5. Underground Sea
6. Sword of Body and Mind
7. Savannah
8. Plumeveil
9. Tidings
10. Rupture Spire
11. Chain Lightning
12. Counterbalance
13. Rootbound Crag
14. Transcendent Master
15. Steel Overseer.

Pick 1: Sword of Body and Mind, This pack kinda blows... an artifact first pick still allows me to not commit to a color and pro blue/green is pretty relevent plus milling a 40 card deck means when this hits the field you're on a 4 turn clock.

Pick 2: Calcite snapper, short of "sacrifice" stuff shroud int he cube is pretty powerful

Pick 3: Chain Lightning: U/R is a good archetype, these picks fit right in

Pick 4: Siege-Gang Commander... he's good.
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PostSubject: my picks...   Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:03 pm

Sword... duh

Siege Gang. Army in a box is good.

Tididngs. Drawing four cards (five for the turn) feels like cheating.

Chain... only cause it's removal.
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Control Is Good...
Control Is Good...

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PostSubject: Re: First Four Pics #2   Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:26 pm

pretty much agree with jay. you have to take the sword here and his order is what i would do

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PostSubject: Re: First Four Pics #2   

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First Four Pics #2
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