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 Magic Mythology - Nicol Bolas

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Magic Mythology - Nicol Bolas Empty
PostSubject: Magic Mythology - Nicol Bolas   Magic Mythology - Nicol Bolas EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 6:43 pm

Since Clay asked for it (and I aint got shit to do) I will try to post about people's fav cards or characters. Clay wanted more so I will start will my Master Nicol Bolas.

What may be known is...

it is unknown how old this dude is. There was a great Elder Dragon War featuring Arcades Sabboth, Chromium, Palladia-Mors, Vaevictis Asmadi, and of coarse Nicol Bolas. Bolas was the lone "surviver" and back then you can have a death experience to activate your planes walker spark(if you had it).

What may not be known...

He went to the Madaran Empire (same place where Kamigawa block took place but 1000s of years prior) and built up his following. He had 2 followers/leaders for his nation, Tetsuo Umezawa and Ramses Overdark. The first was as close to a noble and honorable knight as you could get. The Latter was a master assassin. After Tetsuo Umezawa killed Ramses Overdark he set his eye on Bolas. (This part may sound familar to planescape players) The 2 followers would communicate with Bolas on a medition plane. While battling Bolas, Tetsuo tried to escape to the meditation plane by astro projection. Bolas followed him with his mind, leaving his physical body behind. Tetsuo had a meteor strike and destroy Bolas' physical body trapping Bolas on the meditation plane aka Bolas' Mediation plane.

If the name Umezawa sounds should. During the Kamigawa block Toshiro Umezawa was the main character and his favorite weapon is Umezawa's Jitte. Toshiro is a direct descendant of Tetsuo.

As a side note...

I hate Ajani Vengeant. And this is way. Everyone knowns during the 'Conflux' Ajani battled Bolas and was still Ajain Goldmane. It was not until he threw himself into the Maelstrom that his 'new' power came into being and he severed Bolas mana ties to Alara. This for some reason also creates an image of Bolas. The real and 'fake' Bolas fight and this dissappear. 2 things...1. This is only 1 of 2 times I can think of in the new novels that a planeswalkers is shown using their ultimate power from their card. Jace, TMS being the other. And 2...if you wanted to know where Maelstrom Pulse card came from, now you know.

So Ajani Vengeant's ultimate has not only fucked over player's but the GReatest Planeswalker himself.

Rumor has it...

The 5 shared of Alara represented the 5 Elder Dragon (tried to add pix but it would not let me)and the epic ending was the other dragons finally getting revenge on Bolas.

Next choose!!!
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Magic Mythology - Nicol Bolas
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